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Dear Sir / madam

Greetings form Softweb Information tech. Pvt. Ltd

Falling prey to fraudsters online is common these days. This message from SOFTWEB is to inform and educate you on precautions you must take to ensure that you are not a victim of these fraudsters. Please Immediately change if your username and email pwd is same ( i.e pwd : contact   ...pls change it right now log on to )

    • Change your password often.
    • Passwords that use both letters and numbers are harder to break.
    • Choose a password with the following criteria:
    • -At least 8 characters in length
    • -At least 1 number
    • -At least 1 special character
    • -Upper and lowercase.
    • Never give your password to anyone including co-workers, family, etc.
    • Never write your password or your e-mail password.
    • Never give your password to service, or support personnel.
    • Do not use the Remember Password feature of applications (e.g., Eudora, Outlook, Netscape Messenger).
    • Do no store passwords in a file on ANY computer system (including Palm Pilots or similar devices) without encryption.
    • Always remember to sign out when you are done
    • Don't share your password
    • Never open attachments from unknown sources
    • Don't reply to unsolicited messages ("spam") mail, or other harassing or offensive mail.
    • Do not be duped by malicious e-mails asking you for your password. This is a well-known, although not-too-common trick designed to fool you into sharing your password. As a rule, never share it with anyone
Ensure your Personal Computer is protected:
Fraudsters send genuine-looking emails that contain viruses and Trojans (A Trojan refers to a program that appears to be safe, but hidden inside, is usually something harmful, probably a virus). These viruses / Trojans, install a malicious code on your PC without your knowledge. They extract your confidential information that fraudsters use to access your bank account.
Here are a few important action points that you should bear in mind:
Keep your PC updated with the latest anti-virus / anti-spyware software
Install a personal firewall on your PC to protect your account
Keep your PC updated with the latest security patches and, most importantly,
Do not click on links or open attachments in unknown or unsolicited (spam) emails
CAUTION: Please carefully read through and Immediately change if your username and email pwd is same.
Be aware, practice safe computing rules and protect your computer and emails.
Yours sincerely,
Rajen Patel Mob : 9825659566 / Manoj Mishra Mob : 9427119341
Softweb Information tech. Pvt. Ltd
     E-mail :