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College Management System
Basic Features :
The software has following Modules
Connects all Education Stakeholders
Fees Management Software.
Library Management Software.
Student Attendance Management Software.
Staff Payroll Management Software.
Staff Attendance Management Software.
Merit List Generation Software – (For Management Seats Applications)
Features Of Fees Management Software
Branch Master (Mechanical, Electrical Etc.)
Student Head Master ( CEET, LEET, DIRECT Etc.)
Students Category Master (Free, NRI Etc.)
Students Master
Fee Head Master (Tution Fees, Development Fees Etc.)
Fee Structure Master
Prospectus Sale Voucher
Consolidate Due Voucher
Consolidate Receipt Voucher
Student Opening Balance Voucher
Payment Vouche
Journal Voucher
University Payment Voucher
Student Wise Outstanding report
Student Ledger
Periodically Fee Collection Report
Head Wise Fee Collection Reports
Security Details Reports
Daily Due Reports
Prospectus Sale Collection Report
Periodically Due Check Report
Periodically Structure Balance Report
Receipt Printing
Journal Voucher Printing
Sale Voucher Printing
Features Of Library Management Software
Books Group Master
Author Master
Books Title Master
Publisher Master
Supplier Master
Library Book Master
Book Bank Book Master
Student Master
Employee Master
Holiday Master
Issue Of Books
Receipts Of Books
Reissue Of Books
Book-Bank Books Issue
Book-Bank Books Receive
Student Fine Receipt Entry
Accession Register
Books Group Wise Report
Books Summary Report
Student Wise/Employee Wise Book Status Report
Books Issue/Receive Register
Fine Collection Report (Detailed/Summary)
Books History Report
Books Due Report (Student / Employees)
Student Strength Reports
Missed Accession Nos Report.
Features Of Staff Attendance Management Software (Time-Office Software)
Department Setup
Designation Setup
Employee Setup
Leave Setup
Gate Pass Master
Shift Setup
Holiday Master
Fix Leave Opening Master
Staff Schedule Entry
Additional Schedule Entry
Attendance Data Entry ( Option Of Linking With Time Recorder Machine)
Gate Pass Data Entry
Leave Data Entry
Daily Movement Register
Daily Attendance Summary
Late Arrival / Early Goers Report
Monthly Attendance Report
Monthly Attendance Summary
Single Employee Month Detail
Leave Register
Employee Joining / Leaving Report
Facility Of Exporting Employee Data To MS-EXCEL
Features Of Payroll Management Software
Department Setup
Designation Setup
Location Setup
Employee Setup
Bank Setup
Allowance Setup
Deduction Setup
Employee Tax Information Setup
Monthly Data Preparation
Employees’ Month Days Entry
Change Option In Employee Month Data
Pay-Slip Printing
Salary Register Printing (In Multiple Formats)
Reimburse Register
Month Salary Summary
Monthly Allowance/Deduction Register
Monthly PF/ESI Summary
Form 3A Report
Form 6A Report
Form 12A Report
ESI Register Form 7
ESI Return Form 6
Leave Ledger
Tax Plan Report
Form 16 Report
Features Of Student Attendance Management Software.
Branch Master (Mechanical, Electrical Etc.)
Student Head Master ( CEET, LEET, DIRECT Etc.)
Students Category Master (Free, NRI Etc.)
Students Master
Tutorial Group / Practical Group / Section Setup
Subject Master
Semester Wise Subjects Master
Faculty Master
Faculty Subject Master
Holiday Master
Period Time Master
Elective Subjects Master
Attendance Entry
Class Schedules Entry
Class Adjustment Entry
Extra Classes Entry
Student On Leave Entry
Attendance Chart/Report
Attendance Report (Detailed / Range Wise/ Calmer / Subject Wise)
Faculty Wise Report
Faculty Wise Class Wise Report
Reminder Report
Student Strength Report
Attendance Report (Percentage Wise/ Marks Wise)
Class Schedule Report
Schedule Status Report
The next-Generation School Management System.
Education's most flexible and interactive scheduling package, the only truly scalable web -based School Management Package available.
Benefits for all education stakeholders: Teachers, administrators, students and parents.
Reports to compare an individual class performance with other class.
Lowest total cost of ownership.
Extremely secure, login authenticated system.
Manage School events event manager.
Animated help - no need to read long help files.
Out the box support for barcode and kiosk.
Classwise outstanding fee reports.
Maintain each student's photo album.
Accelerate and expand communications with email reports.
Online analysis of performance with a wide choice of graphs.
Integrates key functions of finance, payroll and fee collection.
Single student database for school administration, library and fee collection.
Single employee database for school administration, library and payroll.
Built on 100% pure Microsoft Technology.
Features Of Merit List Generation Software
(For Management Seats Applications)
Branch Master (Mechanical, Electrical Etc.)
Branch-Wise Seats Available in Management Quota Entry
Application forms received entry indicating AIEEE, CEET, 10+2 Percentage, Diploma Percentage entry
Branch Preference Entry of the Candidates
Merit List generation
Merit List – Branch Wise
Option of Merit List Exporting to Excel
System Requirements
Linux Hosting
PHP(with mail enabled), My SQL.
Basic knowledge of HTML
DNS zone access to add entry for wildcards
Minimum space requirement - 1 GB
     E-mail :