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Custom Tshirt Design
User registration
Register name, email address, username and password.
User name should be unique.
Account activation mail is send to the user email account after registration.
Activate Account
Activate the account by clicking the activation link.
User Login
Login with correct username and password.
If forgot password, click forgot password option.
New Password is sent to the user account.
Displays the available categories.
Click on the category proceeds to the "Products" page.
My Account
View Profile details.
Maintain shopping details.
Add / Edit / Delete Contact information.
Design Own T-shirt
Add T-shirt from available design (with/without color).
Add Text from available Text format.
Add logo from available logos.
Add Art work from available arts.
Select T-shirt Category
Displays the sub-categories of the selected products.
Select T-shirt category.
Select the specific product proceeds to the products page.
Select the product proceeds to the detailed description and image of the selected product.
Select t-shirt model.
Select Text
Enter Display Text.
Select Text Format.
Select font size, color and alignment.
Select Logo
Select logo image.
Align image size and image position.
Select ClipArt.
Add art (images) to the product..
The defined arts and the user uploaded arts.
Images modification such as height, width, alignment can be done.
Select Notes
Add notes to the product.
Creating text, changing font, font size, text color, shape, outline and rotating of text.
Upload Image.
Add Images to the product.
Options included to upload the own images, changing the size, flip(front, back),rotate(change the direction),brightness, contrast.
Edit Classified Module
Select Art works and Images
Selecting images.
If new image, upload it and select the image.
Select ClipArt.
Select image size, alignment the image position.
Save & Send Designed T-shirt
After completion of design save this design.
Image can be viewed using zoom option.
Send this design details to site admin by mail format
Gives the list of ordered products and also the list of purchased items which further moves on to the checkout section.
Modify quantity, and order cancellation request.
Order Designed T-shirt
Enter the size format of the t-shirt.
Enter number of t-shirt for buy.
Pay amount from online banking or from Cc Avenue.
ADMIN (Backend)
Admin login
Login with admin username and password.
Manage admin login details.
Add / Edit / Delete / View Category name.
Add Sub-Category
Select / add / Edit / Delete the Category name.
View the Sub-Category list.
Add Product
Select the Category name and Sub-Category name.
Add the new Product details.
Edit / Delete / View Product details
Orders History
View all order history details.
Delivery the ordered products to the customer.
Maintain product order details and product delivery details.
Maintain User Details
View all user details.
Control user login status.
View user profile.
View user order history details
Manage Logo
Admin Can Change Logo From Admin Panel.
Able to edit/delete members, view members.
Manage Site Information
Admin can Change Website Name.
Admin can Website Path.
Admin can Manage Email Address
Manage Site Content
Admin can Change Site Content.
Admin can Change Contact Information
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