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Freelance Script
General User-End Features
Projects are categorized into skill categories for convenient browsing
Front page display for project skill categories, front page featured projects and latest projects
Skill category ordering can be configured by admin or be set to alphabetic
Support for featured / Paid project listings
Contact us form for getting feedback from visitors
Tell a friend system
Email verification (Can be switched On / Off from admin panel)
Special Features for Freelancers / Service providers
Advanced Search based on keywords and skills
Flexible keyword matching for search
Latest / featured projects section
Manage bids on projects
Place bid, Retract bid, Accept / Reject projects upon selection
View financial transactions
Maintenance of online account for financial transactions
Add funds to account
Option to withdraw funds by PayPal
Set project alerts to be sent in email
Discuss projects on project discussion board
Send private messages to Webmasters / Service providers
Special Features for Service Seekers / Webmasters
Post multiple projects
Notification for actions regarding projects
Rate and write review for service Providers / Freelancers
Maintain online account of all financial transactions
Close project bidding and select service provider to work on the project
Manage open, closed and under work projects
ADMIN (Backend)
Administrator logs in with username and password
Change admin password
Banner Manager
Number of Approved / Unapproved projects
Admin overall control to a member
Admin create a member in programmer or buyer
Projects posted today / yesterday / last 7 days etc.
Pending withdrawal / make featured requests notification on admin home page
Switch ON-OFF email verification process
View all billing transactions
Extensive member management console
View / Edit / Delete Members
Search members
Extensive project management console
Search / Edit / Remove / Approve projects
Extensive bids management console
Search / Edit / Delete / Approve bids
Email members individually or collectively
Visitor feedback section
Sponsored ad management
Support for running Google ad words
Admin can Manage Email Address
Admin can Manage Google Advertise Script
Admin can Manage Advertise Images
Manage Bids
Admin can able to search bid by key word
Able to edit/delete members, view bids
Buyer / coder rate
Able to search buyer / coder by using scores
Able to edit/delete members, view buyer / coder
Manage Members
Able to search all member / blocked / unblocked / buyer / coder with country and keyword
Able to edit/delete members, view members
Able to view / search result by date.
Able to view individual transaction
Able to view amount deposit by buyer / user.
Able to view amount posted by buyer / user.
Option to view escrow payments and also option to export overall reports.
General settings
Option to view / modify admin and PayPal email address
Google ads / SEO ad words
Admin can edit / view / delete Google ad word for header / footer / right / home and vertical page ads
Admin can add / edit / delete website keyword, description and title
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