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Job Search Engine
  Job search engine is basically to search jobs in various types such as search jobs by keywords and location. By giving any keyword or location user can search the jobs and get some results. The jobs are listed form the various job portals.
Job Search Engine
Search Jobs By Keywords - Search jobs by using keywords like titles, skills and company (E.g.: Sales, java, Infosys)
Search jobs by location - Search jobs by using various locations like city or state name (State, City. (E.g. Chennai, Mumbai)
Browse Jobs
Browse jobs by keyword - Browse jobs by keywords.
Browse jobs by location - Browse jobs by location.
Browse top location
Browse jobs by popular location - Browse jobs by most popular location
ADMIN (Backend)
Manage Keywords
Add keyword - add keywords for search jobs.
Remove keyword - delete keywords
Popular Locations
Add popular locations - add popular locations
Edit - edit the locations.
Remove - delete the locations
Popular Keywords
Add popular keywords - add popular locations.
Edit - edit the popular keywords
Remove - delete the keywords
Color Scheme
Admin can change the color scheme for user section.
Choosing the colors, the user view the color will change
Logo Upload
Admin can add the new logo
Edit the existing logo
Mark any one logo as active one
Active logo will show in the user view after the admin change.
Edit About Us, Terms & Privacy
Admin can edit the about us information, Terms and condition and Privacy
Changes will apply on user after the admin change
Crone jobs
Admin fetch the jobs from various job sites
Admin can delete the existing jobs in the database by clicking the delete existing jobs in our database link.
Change Password
Admin can change the old password
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