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Online Community site
Feature Details
Main Modules :
Registration Module
Users enter first name, last name, email, password and confirm password what are the fields are mandatory to become a member.
Before the registration finished user view the terms and condition and he / she must click the terms and condition option.
Confirmation emails send it to the user email address which was submitted during the registration.
Login Module
User easily login with their Email and password.
Forget Password Module
User receive mail for forget password
Home Page Module
Edit photo – user edit or update their profile photo.
Profile – User views his / her profile and also updates the profile.
Album – User can view their album
Scrapbook - User can view their scraps
Testimonials – User can view the testimonial which wrote by users and wrote by his / her friends.
Book marks – User can book marked profile list.
Inbox – user messages are listed here.
Account settings – user account details are viewed here and the user can edit their email and password.
Edit privacy – User can change the settings for profile , scrapbook and photos separately
Invite friends – import the friend contact email address from our other contacts like yahoo or gmail or hot mail or AOL mail etc.User invite their friends
Search friends
Search friends by enter any keyword
Search the friends by recently visited
Search the friends by recently updated
Search the friends by recently added.
Delete the friends.
Search all users
Search all users by his /her group or friends name or group name or user’s name.
Search results are view. The user can view their photos and add any user as a friends through the add as friend link.
Search by users - search the members by enters the user name as a keyword.
Search by group name – Search the members by enters any group name as a keyword.
Search by friends – Search the members by enters any friend name as a keyword.
My groups - User created groups and joined groups are listed in the my groups.
Owned groups – User created groups are view in the owned groups.
Pending groups – Groups which are waiting for the approval from the moderator of the group that are comes under the pending groups.
Create new groups – The user can create the new group by enters the group name , group headline , city ,country and group images etc.,
Search groups – Search groups by enter the keywords and category vice.
Search friends by enter any keyword
Search the friends by recently visited
Search the friends by recently updated
Search the friends by recently added.
User sends the message to his friends or friends group
User has to enter the subject and message.
Send messages are listed in the sent items.
Deleted messages from inbox, sent items are comes under the trash
When user compose the message he / she have the option either to save or cancel or send
Those Save messages are comes under the draft.
Bulletin board
User can send the message to his / her friends or all members
User must enter the subject and message fields.
Bulletin messages are view in the home page.
My events
Created events are listed under my events
Add Events
Create new event
User enters the short description, event details, location, date, start time, address.
Invite Fiends
Invite selected friends.
Invite all friends.
Invite non members.
Search Events
Search events by keyword – search the events by enters any keyword.
Search events by date – search the events by selecting any date.
  Jobs module have two sub modules are :
My resumes
Created resumes are listed under my resumes.
User can create the resume up to 10.
My applications
Apply jobs are listed under my applications.
User can delete the applied jobs.
My saved searches
User can create the search
User can save the searches
User can search the jobs using his / her saved searches list by click the run link.
User can edit and delete the saved searches.
My saved jobs
Saved jobs are comes under my saved jobs.
User can delete the jobs.
User can view the status of the jobs.
Job seekers
Browse jobs
Browse the jobs by keywords
View jobs
Apply jobs
Save jobs
Search jobs
Post resume
User enters the general information, educational information, experience information, resume details
Edit profile
Edit the user profile details such as contact name , contact address , city , state , country , contact number and contact email
Post Job
Recruiter can post the job
Before the post the job recruiter or user must enter the company details.
Search Resumes
Recruiter search the resumes submitted by the job seeker.
Search the jobs by keywords or country or state or industry or education level or job type or experience.
Search the applicants of the posted jobs
View their personal details and career details.
Forum category
Forum topics are listed in the form of last post,
how many topics are posted ,
How many subcategories are listed based on category.
Forum Sub category
Forum topics are listed in the form of last post
how many topics are posted
How many replies for the topics are listed based on the sub category.
Post a New topic
User can create the new topics under the category and sub category.
View forum topics with replies
User can view the new topics under the category and sub category.
User can reply the topics.
Abuse forum topics
User can abuse the topics
User cannot abuse their own topics.
Blog home
All blogs are listed
User can search the blogs by mood and category vice.
View my blog
User can view his / her own blogs
User can search their own blogs by mood and category vice.
Post new blog
User can create a new blog easily by enter the subject, member category, body, mood and privacy of the blog.
Privacy profile having two options.
User can set the blog as either private or public.
View all blogs
View all blogs are similar to blog home.
Entire blogs are listed.
User searches the blogs by mood and category vice.
View polls
User can view all user polls under the view polls.
Random polls
Polls are viewed randomly.
Each time the polls are changed randomly.
User has the option to view the poll result.
User can vote other user polls
User cannot vote his /her own poll questions.
Add your poll
User create the new poll by enters the question
Option for the question that is answer for the poll
Description for poll question that is details of the poll question
User can choose the answer option either single or multiple selections.
User can choose the allowed to vote either to network members or any one.
User can select the poll end date or no end for the poll.
After enter all this information the poll has been created successfully.
My poll
Users own polls questions are listed under my poll
Poll vote details are view in my poll list.
Search polls
User can search the polls by enter any keyword.
User can vote the polls from the search poll list.
Abuse polls
User can abuse other polls if the poll question or answers violates the society
User cannot abuse his / her own poll questions.
My Video
User own videos are listed under my video
Other Site Videos
User can add the other site video scripts such as user copy the script and paste the scripts.
Other site scripts videos are comes under the other site videos.
My Favorites
User can add any other user song or music as a favorite’s one.
Marked music are comes under my favorites
Add Video
User create the video by enter the video title.
User can upload the video.
User can copy the other site script and add the video.
Search Video
User search the video by enters the video title as a keyword.
Add music
User add the music by enter the title of the music
Upload the music file
Upload the photo for music
Play music
User can easily play music
User must upload flash player to listen to the music if the player not install
Abuse music
User can abuse other user music if any one songs or music violates the society or it’s not a good one.
User cannot violate his own music.
Delete music
User can delete the music.
User cannot delete the other music or song.
Post comments for music
User can post the comments for other music or songs .
User can delete the own comments which was submitted by the logged user.
Other users cannot delete the music.
User can chat with any one user who is all in the online.
User enter their chat room
Choose the member to chat
     E-mail : info@softwebtechnology.com