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Orkut Clone
General Member Features
Password forget system
Email Importer:
Ability to edit personal profile, upload photos to the photo albums, change account settings and many more!
Security image code during registration to prevent automated signups
Display site statistics including total members in the social networking site and number of members who are online
Members can see who has view their profiles
Member voting system
5 most recently updated member profiles will be listed on main page
Members can upload multimedia content in their profile which can be broadcast through online windows streaming
Allow members to cancel their account
Members can upload multiple photos and videos (videos should be converted to FLV formats on submission) to their account
Members can create a member ignore list
Ability to bookmark a Group, listing or a member
Write a testimonial for a friend
Email notification which will send an email to the member when there is a new action to be taken (i.e invitations, new friend request, new testimonial and more)
Members can now view who rated them
Feature of sending scraps
Compose new messages just like any ordinary emails and send them to the member's network of friends and groups
View inbox/sent/saved messages
Basic Search: search by first name, last name, email, location etc.
Advance Search: enhanced search functions where members can search for friends by age, schools, gender, occupation, interest, company and many more! Members
BUY/SELL: Members will be allowed to sell their books and projects. Search buyers/sellers based on location,book title, subject etc.
Members can create groups which will be listed in Groups Directory
Group Events - Members can create a group event
Discussion Board - Enable members to post messages in a group
Manage Group - This feature allows a member to manage the group type (public, moderated or private) and change other settings such as group URL, title, description and category
View the most popular and newest groups in the directory
Ability to search for groups by keywords
Member can invite friends to join their network
Support of scanning their mail accounts to search mail ids
Discussion Board - Enable members to post messages in a group
Support for multiple invitation
Members can view the invitations they have sent to their friends and its status (whether their friends have signed up)
Members can start their own online blog with a unique blog URL
Blog search function
Ability to create blog categories
Ability to edit/delete blog entires
Built-in HTML editor for blog entries
RSS 2.0 support
Members can view all topics and forum stats (number of post/ topics and last post)
Member can search for forum posts
Members can now be set as forum moderators by admin and have additional privileges to edit/delete existing postings
Ability to create new forum topics and post replies
Ability to chat with other members
Members can send private message or chat invitation to selected members
Ability to view/add new events
Instant Messenger
Members can send/reply IM to friends and view who is online
Members can block friends
Admin Functions
support for more custom member data form fields such as textarea, radio buttons, checkbox and drop-down menu. Admin also has the ability to set them as searchable on the member search system
Create/Edit custom profile themes for member
Option to turn off security image during registration
Admin can post announcement which will be displayed on member's account page
Users Manager
Ability to delete/ban members
Admin can mass mail or email selected members
Show member stats
Admin can set a member as "Featured Profile" in main page
Add a new user account
Search Users
Ability to email address and name
Listings Manager
Ability to view/edit listings
Admin can add/delete categories
Ability to add sub-categories
Groups Manager
Ability to view/delete groups
Admin can add/delete categories
Set max file size and restrict file extension type
Image Manager
Admin can now manual approve images upload by members
Ability to batch process unapproved images
Display real-time statistic which includes total members, total visitors for the week and month, daily visitor stats, number of signups and signins for the week and month
Blogs Manager
Ability to view/delete blogs
Forums Manager
Ability to view/delete forum postings
Admin can add/delete forum categories
Chat Rooms Manager
Ability to edit chat rooms
System Requirements
Linux Hosting
PHP(with mail enabled), My SQL.
Basic knowledge of HTML
DNS zone access to add entry for wildcards
Minimum space requirement - 1 GB
     E-mail :