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User registration
Forgot password
Registration Module
Register unique email address and password.
Security image code is used to prevent automated signups.
Confirm user's registration via confirmation mail.
Forget password system.
My account:
Edit login details
Change password
View response
Manage properties - able to add and edit properties
My real estate list
sell and rent
Able to view response
Able to edit properties
Advanced search
Search property by buy/rent, location, budget, posted by, etc.
Search by ID
Search property by using property ID
Add property
Basic listing
Able to post property for buy / rent with one image uploading
Fast listing
Able to post property for buy / rent with two image uploading
And also able to buy package.
Post requirement
Able to post requirement with the details of transaction type, property type, location, etc.
Add directory
Adding directory with the details of directory type, your name, property name, address, country, etc.
You can apply for loan with the details of bank
Able to view / add / edit advertisement posted
And also able to view expired advertisements.
Able to renew advertisements.
ADMIN (Backend)
User Management
Able to view all registered users
Able to edit / delete / block / unblock registered users
Buy budget:
Able to view all budget prices
And able to edit / delete prices.
Sell budget:
Able to view all budget prices.
And able to edit / delete prices.
Product management:
Able to view all packages
Able to add / edit / delete packages by admin.
Able to view all applicant applied for loan
Able to vie applicant's loan amount, annual income, date of birth, etc.
Able to delete details also.
Property listing:
Able to view all property posted by users
Able to view full details
Able to edit / delete / activate / deactivate properties
Able to view all banks
And also able to view / edit / delete bank details posted
Able to view all builders list
Able to view / edit / delete / activate /deactivate builders list.
Able to view all agents list
Able to view / edit / delete / activate /deactivate agents list.
Change password:
Admin can able to change password.
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