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Video Community Portal
Home Page
Displays Main Video in this Site.
Search videos with Category.
Provides latest features of video.
Registration Module
Register unique email address and password.
Security image code is used to prevent automated signups.
Confirm user's registration via confirmation mail.
Forget password system.
Login Module
Login with unique email address and password.
Provide email Importer to invite friends.
Account Settings
Change user name and password.
Set option for other to view their profile.
Video Upload
User can upload Videos.
Video image works through video FLV converter.
Manage Uploaded Video
User can manage the uploaded videos.
View videos comments and rating.
Video Search Page
Search video with category & Keywords.
Video Details Page Module
Select the video play through video Player.
Comments and rating for videos can be given by the user.
Embed script link is provided.
This embed script can be used on other sites.
Invite Module
Support for multiple invitation.
Members can view the invitations they have sent to their friends and its status (whether their friends have signed up)
ADMIN (Backend)
Login & signup
Change password
User Manager
Able to view, delete, activate or deactivate orders.
Able to view full details of the ordered products.
Video Manager
Ability to view/delete all Videos.
Admin can add/edit/delete categories.
Manage Logo
Admin Can Change Logo from Admin Panel.os.
Admin Also Upload New Logo For Website.
Manage Site Information
Admin can Change Website Name.
Admin can Website Path.
Admin can Manage Email Address.
Manage Site Content
Admin can Change Site Content.
Admin can Change Contact Information.
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