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Web Hosting Service

Which server should you host your site? It depends on the amount of space and bandwidth your site require, the kind of applications you plan to run and your budget. With all the choices out there, it can be hard to find the right host for your web site. We can help!

Through our experience we can help you find the host that would meet your needs. We have our own hosting servers, both Linux and Windows NT based, located in USA and in India and we can get you the best deal at the best price without compromising service and dependability.

With Softweb you get a guaranteed 99.5% up time, 24/7 server monitoring and support, a fast and redundant connection, and generous amounts of download/bandwidth at an affordable price. All of our machines are running the latest versions of RedHat Linux and Apache and Windows NT and IIS. Our multiple DS3/OC12 redundant backbones ensure that you will have the speed and uptime your website demand. Our commitment to customer service ensures that you will have the best possible experience when you host your web site with us.

Our dedicated Linux hosting servers are located  at Chicago, US

We specialize in the following types of hosting:

- Linux and Apache based shared web hosting
- Linux based eMail hosting with Horde web interface
- Microsoft NT/2000 IIS web hosting & application hosting
- Windows NT and IIS based iMail 7.0 web interface
- JSP hosting and servlet hosting using Apache Tomcat
- Dedicated servers ( Linux and NT, in India and in USA )
- mySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL hosting servers
- Integrated web access reports
- cPanel control panel for linux hosting account management

NT hosting features:

- Windows NT Server 4.0/Windows 2000 Enterprise
- Microsoft-IIS/5.0 (Internet Information Server)
- Microsoft Front Page 2000 Support / Publishing
- Microsoft Front Page 2000 Extensions
- Microsoft Visual Interdev, Active Server Pages(ASP) Support
- Server sided scripting
- ASP Simple Upload Component (smart asp-upload)
- MS SQL 2000 or 7.0 Server Support
- MS Access Support
- MS Index server
- Java, JavaScript, VBScript, iHTML, HTX, IDC
- ODBC - MS Access and SQL
- ColdFusion 5.0 Professional Server
- Oracle 8i Support
- SSL Support
- JDBC support, Java Servelets
- PERL and PerlScript support with CGI-bin support
- POP3 and SMTP, Webmail - iMail 7.x

Linux hosting features:

- Linux OS, Apache Web hosting Server
- Virtual and IP based hosting
- Unlimited email redirects/alias
- POP3 and SMTP, Webmail - Horde
- Custom CGI-BIN access
- Perl 5.0 support
- PHP 4.x support
- MySQL support
- Java, C++, Python Support
- Frontpage 2000 Support
- Vivo active support
- Server Side include
- SSL Support
- Macromedia Shockwave Support

Business eMail hosting

Our mail hosting service offers the features you need including an anti-SPAM gateway, anti-Virus protection, POP3 and IMAP protocols, dedicated SMTP server and more. On our Linux servers, we offer outstanding Horde Web Mail interface which supports anti-SPAM rules at mailbox level and much more.

On our NT servers, we offer iMail 7.x Web interface which is the industry leader in Windows-based mail systems allowing for easy web-based administration of your POP3 accounts. In addition, each user can change individual passwords, create vacation messages via the Web and much more. Includes Anti-Virus and Anti-SPAM gateway!

All domains have an administrator login using that allows you to manage your own e-mail accounts for both Linux and NT hosting environment.

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